Seminar: Europe Residence through Portugal

Invest 350.000 EUR & obtain EU citizenship in 3-6 months. On 2nd Jun,2017 Ho Chi Minh city. Opportunity to get 3,000€ Europe trip. hoi-thao-cu-tru-chau-au-interimm Date and Location: Ho Chi Minh city Time: 2nd Jun, 2017 Register now: Hotline 0931 830 838 We want to live in EU:
  • because we love to travel freely
  • because we love having the choice to work and live in another EU country
  • because we can receive medical attention abroad with our EU Health Card
  • because the EU is the biggest humanitarian donor in the world
  • because we love solidarity
  • because we love when we get our Bachelor Degree in France and it is also valid in Romania
  • because the toys for our kids are safe
  • because we love to roam – but we don’t like roaming charges
  • because we have a common shared history, monuments, art, films
  • because we love how the EU protects habitats, forests and the environment
  • because my fundamental rights are protected
Interimm, the leading European investment advisory company in Vietnam, offers investment opportunities and obtain European citizenship for only 3-6 months for Vietnamese investors. The seminar was attended by representatives of the Mercan Group, Interimm’s strategic partner in the European investment immigration program in Vietnam. With over 20 -year experience, Mercan has grown steadily with its five member companies and branch offices in more than 20 countries. With Mercan support, up to now, more than 45,000 people have received permanent residency in Europe, the United States and Canada. Especially, attending the seminar and you will have the opportunity to get 3.000€ Europe trip.   Speaker: MINH LÊ CEO Interimm A successful entrepreneur who has studied and worked in Europe. Minh Le has more than 10 years of experience in the field of Trade, International Investment Management. He has worked for feading Investment Funds in Korea and Switzerland. Graduated with a Bachelor of Finance and Accounting and holds Master’s Degree of Finance in the Netherlands, UK. BARDIA Immigration Lawyer He is a Mercan Immigration attorney. He graduated from the Quebec University of Law. More than 20 years experience in processing financial records and is a major interpreter of investment immigration law in Asia.

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