Interimm Founder attends the EB-5 & Investment Immigration Convention, San Francisco 2017.

On 27th and 28th July, the EB-5 & Investment Immigration Convention was held at Westin St.Francis, San Francisco, with the attendace of many worldwide migration agents, immigration attorneys, Regional Centers and leading U.S project developers. Interimm Founder – Mr. Chris Dang attended the Convention, met and shared the latest information about the EB-5 Program with partners this time. The conference took place under the chairmanship of experienced EB-5 experts, with the participation of VIP representatives in economics, politics and immigration, especially Senator Ted Cruz from Texas.

Chu-tich-Interimm-va-thuong-nghi-si-Ted-CruzMr. Chris Dang and Senator Ted Cruz

The main purpose of EB-5 & Investment Immigration Convention is discussing issues in the EB5 industry, as well as increasing opportunities to connect with EB5 investors, regional centers and leading immigration law firms in order to tighten long-term, sustainable cooperative relationship in the future. Mr. Chris Dang attended the Convention, met with partners, shared information and collaborated with project developers, law firms and regional centers in the industry. Moreover, he updated the latest information about the EB-5 program and its forthcoming impact on the Vietnamese market. More pictures of Interimm Founder at the Convention:

hinh-anh-hoi-nghi-eb5-investorsSan Francisco EB-5 & Investment Immigration Convention

Ong-Chris-Dang-tham-gia-Hoi-Nghi-EB5-tai-San-FansiscoInvestors Mr. Chris Dang attended the Convention

Ong-Chris-giao-luu-hop-tac-cung-Pho-chu-tich-EB5-InvestorMr. Chris with Vice President of EB5 Investors

Ong Chris Dang va luat su Bernad P. Wolfsdorf tai hoi nghi EB5 Investor Magazine, San Francisco 2017Mr. Chris Dang and attorney Bernad P. Wolfsdorf at EB-5 & Investment Immigration Convention, San Francisco 2017

Ong Chris Dang va luat su Christian Triantaphyllis cua tap đoan luat di tru Foster, hien dang là doi tac cua InterimmChris Dang and attorney Christian Triantaphyllis of Foster Immigration Law Firm –  are now partner of Interimm.

Ong Chris Dang va doi tac dự an EB-5 CapitalMr. Chris Dang and project developer partner –  EB-5 Capital

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