IIUSA Data Report: USCIS Q2 Statistics for I-526/I-829 Petitions

Last  week, the USCIS Immigrant Investor Program Office (IPO) published quarterly processing statistics for I-526 and I-829 petitions through Q2 of Fiscal Year (FY) 2017, (January-March). Below are selected data points extracted from the reports:


  • I-526 petition filings declined by 61% from previous quarter. I526 petitions filed in the first two quarters in FY2017 declined by 14% compared to same time period in FY2016.
  • I526 approvals in the Q2 FY2017 highest level in a yearoveryear comparison.
  • The I526 approval rate remains unchanged from Q1 FY2017 at 93%.
  • I526 petitions pending with USCIS declined by 5% from the last quarter largely due to the decline in I526 filings in Q2 FY2017.
  • I526 filings in Q2 were lower than the same time period in both FY14 & FY15.


Total number of I-526 Petitions Filed versus Adjudicated (FY 2013- FY2017,Q2)


  • I829 petitions adjudicated in Q1 FY2017 increased by almost 180% from the last quarter; while I829 filings showed a slight decline (8%) from Q1, FY2016.
  • I829 approvals in Q1 FY2017 increased by over 200% from the previous quarter when I829 approvals experienced a twoyear low.
  • Approval rate of I829 petitions returned to over 90%, approaching to the longterm (36month/24month) average approval rate (95%).
  • I829 petitions pending grew by 40% from the previous quarter.


Total number of I-829 Petitions Filed versus Adjudicated (FY 2013- FY2017,Q2)

As of March 31, 2017, USCIS is processing the I‐526 petitions that it received before September 20, 2015 (a two week increase over the processing times published in February); the I‐829 petitions that USCIS received before October 12, 2014 (up from October 1); and the I‐924 applications that USCIS received before September 16, 2015 (an increase of over a month from last month’s processing times).

  • Processing times for I-526 petitions reached 18.6 months, an all-time program high; and I-829 processing times reached 30 months another all-time high.
  • Waiting times for I-924 adjudications are now at 18.7 months, almost double the processing times from this time last year.
  • In a year-over-year comparison, I-829 adjudications are taking one year longer to be adjudicated, I-924 petitions are taking 9 months longer and I-526 petitions are taking 2.5 months longer.


Average Processing Times for I-526 and I-829 Petitions Reach an All-Time High




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