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Greek Golden Visa Program

Greek Golden Visa Program is an immigration investment program for foreigners (not in EU) by investing/ buying real estate in Greece.
From the day it is launched, the program has granted visa for 6.324 investors, with the investment of EURO 2Billion, in which 1/3 of the investment is called from 2019. Greece attracts foreign investors because it is one of the countries that apply the lowest amount of investment to obtain a residence card, expand the path to European citizenship than other countries in the region.


Minimum investment amount: 250,000 Euro, in 2 forms:
+ Invest/ Purchase real estate in Greece.
+ Real estate must be owned by main applicant.
Including family members: investor, spouse, unmarried children under 21, parents of investor and spouse


+ No stay requirement
+ Renew the residence card after 5 years
+ Investors and family members in 3 generations include grandparents, parents and children under 21 will be granted residence card.
+ Live, work, study in Greece
+ Free-visa travel to EU countries
+ No school fee in public school
+ Europe citizenship after 7 years of living in Greece


  • Family members:
    + Dependent members are not required to apply at the same time as the main applicant. They can be added on a later stage whenever they want to move to Greece.
    + Family members will be granted resident permit at the same time with the investors.
    + Children are included in application until 21, after 21 years old, they can apply one more time for permanent residence independently until 24. And after the age of 24, they must apply for another type of immigration under the Greek law.
  • Residence card renewal requirements:
    + To renew the residence card, main applicant must have the ownership of the real estate
    + The absence of applicant will not affect the renewal.
    + During the residence card period, if applicant sells the property, he will lost the right of residence, the buyer will then have right to apply for permanent residence.


+ Luxury real estate based on our actual visit
+ Competitive price from 7 billion VND
+ Committed yearly rental
+ Prime location in downtown Athens
+ Potential area for lease of real estate
+ Finished or under construction projects following the committed construction progress


Consultant to buy home

Support to search and choose the school for children

Consultant business and development after settlement

Support to consultant fee with Greece’s lawyer


Be granted residence permit
1-2 months after fingerprint biometric step
Immigration application
Be granted travel document
Fly to Athens to take fingerprint biometric
Pay full amount (within 60 days)
Complete the purchase agreement (2 months)
Land registration
Choose properties
Deposit 10% and sign POA (Power of Attorney), sign form to register tax number and open bank account.
Visit projects in Greece

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