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The Golden Visa Portugal program provides the simplest and shortest way for foreign investors to obtain European residency and opens the gate to European citizenship for themselves, their spouse and dependent children under the age of 18 (or over 18 but financial dependent on parents).

Investment Mode:x

  • Financial investment of at least EUR 350,000 for research and development (R & D) investments.
  • Financial investments of a value of EUR 250,000 or more for investment in artistic assistance, renovation or upgrading of national heritage.
  • Financial investments with a value equal or more than EUR 500,000 to buy a share in a venture capital funds.
  • Buy real estate properties worth EUR 500,000, or real estate properties that have a construction period of more than 30 years, or are located in urbanized areas with a total investment of EUR 350,000.


  • No business operation or management experience requirement.
  •  No age, language proficiency or educational requirements.
  • The simplest application procedure compared to other programs.
  • Quick application processing time to attain a residence permit for the whole family.
  • Investment amount of 350,000 EUR, competitive advantage over other immigration investment programs.
  • Simple request for investment funds.
  • Commit to annual profit of about 4%.
  • 100% return on investment after 5 years based on agreements.
  • Continue to work, do business, study … anywhere in the world.
  • Maintain the required minimum stay in Portugal for only 7 days per year.
  • Reasonable tax policy: no global income tax policy applied (income outside of Portugal).
  • Become EU / Portugal citizen after 6 years.


  • Over 18 years of age with good judicial record.
  • Maintain the investment in the project for at least 5 years until receiving Permanent Resident Card.
  • Required minimum stay:
    + First year: 7 days.
    + 2nd and 3rd year: 14 days.
    + 4th and 5th year: 14 days.
    + After the 5th year: the investor apply for adjusting to the permanent residence status.
    + After 6th year: apply for Portuguese citizenship, become an EU citizen.
  • Get health insurance during your stay in Portugal.

Notice for Golden Visa investor:x

  • Must have a clear judicial record.
  • No refusal to enter the European Union.
  • Get health insurance (if you decide to live in Portugal).
    After completion of the purchase of the property, the lawyer will process the investor’s immigration application (which usually lasts 60 to 90 days before the permanent residence card is issued).

Golden Visa Process x

The Portugal immigration process is divided into two main phases:

Step 1


Searching and choosing investment options

(Do surveys if you want)
During a trip to Portugal, investors will execute 4 things: Visiting introduced real estate.
Meeting attorney and sign Power of Attorney (POA).
Opening a bank account.
Applying at the Department of Immigration and Biometric Testing.

Step 2


Documentation process

Complete the application process
Transfering money to buy real estate.
Attorney submits Immigration application
(This process usually lasts 60-90 days.)                                                                                                      

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