The L1 Visa

the L-1 visa

The L1 visa is a Non-Immigrant Visa with a maximum duration of 7 years. Holders of the L1 visa are granted the privilege to legally reside and work in the U.S. without the need for additional work permits.
This visa is intended for businesspersons and high-level managers of companies in Vietnam who are looking to conduct business operations and manage enterprises in the U.S. Additionally, their spouses and unmarried children under 21 years old can accompany them.
The L1 visa is divided into two categories, each serving a specific purpose:
  • L1-A Visa: Designed for business proprietors in Vietnam who own a company engaged in U.S. business operations. It caters to executives or high-level managers of the Vietnamese company. The initial L1-A visa is granted for 1 year and can be extended twice, each extension granting 3 years.
  • L1-B Visa: Tailored for specialized knowledge professionals within the company, playing a crucial role in the development of U.S.-based operations. The L1-B visa is initially granted for 3 years and can be extended for an additional 2 years.
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application process

Profile Assessment &
Contract Signing with Interimm
Business Strategy Development
Establishment of
a Company in the U.S.
Signing Lease Agreements for
the U.S. Company Premises
Submission of Application to USCIS
Interview &
Acquisition of L1 Visa