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about us

Adhering to the business philosophy that ‘Each successful client embodies a holistic immigration solution through Interimm’. Our team relentlessly endeavors to achieve this objective, aiding clients in promptly actualizing their residency aspirations.
Interimm is dedicated to continually refining its services for optimal customer satisfaction, maintaining transparency throughout the process, and standing steadfastly with our clients throughout their journey.
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Board of Directors

Mr. Chris Dang
Chairman of Interimm
Mr. Chris Dang holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the United Kingdom. With over 20 years of experience in international investment management organizations in the United States, Australia, and Europe, he brings a wealth of expertise to Interimm.
Over two decades of experience as an Investment Advisor and Project Manager in the global real estate sector, Mr. Dang plays a crucial role at Interimm. He directly assesses and evaluates the investment safety and development potential of projects before introducing them to Vietnamese investors.
Currently residing in the U.S., Mr. Dang efficiently manages and fosters business operations between the United States and Vietnam.
To Mr. Dang, “Earning the trust of our customers is the paramount objective of Interimm”.
Mr. Minh Le
Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Minh Le holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Accounting, as well as a Master’s degree in Finance from esteemed institutions in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. With almost two decades of experience in investment management and immigration investment, he has established himself as a notable entrepreneur in the field.
He is a distinguished speaker at major international immigration investment events, where he shares his profound insights. He has previously worked with eminent investment funds in both South Korea and Switzerland.
At Interimm, he collaborates with project developers and reputable immigration firms across the United States, Australia, and Europe. Their combined efforts have successfully supported numerous families in realizing their immigration goals.
To Mr Minh, “Each successful client embodies a holistic immigration solution through Interimm”.

 Our team

At Interimm, each team member embodies a professional, enthusiastic, and meticulous work ethic when handling every residency application. They strive to comprehend and swiftly grasp the aspirations and desires of our clients, actively proposing and providing suitable solutions to perfect the residency applications for each family.
Interimm’s ethos, “Feeling Second Home” encapsulates our strong team spirit and is the cornerstone of our collective journey toward our common goal. It lays the foundation for building a sustainably growing Interimm brand.
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Interimm is proud to be a provider of comprehensive Immigration Investment solutions that are reasonably designed for each customer.
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What partners say about us?

doi- tac- Interimm - Lennar
Chris MarLin
Chairman of Lennar International in the U.S

The comprehensive solution that Interimm provides to Vietnamese families is from investment to settlement. We appreciate Interimm’s breakthroughs to bring customer satisfaction in every step of service. I have high confidence in cooperating with Interimm.

doi- tac- Interimm - Goden gate Global
Steven Kay
Founder of Goden Gate Global

I worked with Mr. Chris Dang, Chairman of Interimm, and saw his enthusiasm for his work and his goal of serving customers. And I do believe that Interimm can completely conquer even the most demanding customers.

doi- tac- Interimm - HomeFed
Chris Foulger
Vice President of HomeFed

As the largest residential urban developer in the San Diego area with more than 20 years of experience, we appreciate Interimm’s professionalism and commitment to service quality. Vietnamese investors can have complete peace of mind when deciding to go with Interimm.

doi- tac- Interimm - CanAm
Min Wu
Director of CanAm Regional Center Asia

Interimm and CanAm have been strategic partners for many years and will become even closer in the future to bring Vietnamese investors quality EB-5 projects, helping many families realize permanent residence for the whole family in the US through the EB-5 program.

doi- tac- Interimm - Miller-Mayer
Nicolai Hinrichsen
Managing Director of Miller Mayer Asia

Interimm always invests in meticulousness and precision in each customer profile. We always work closely together to help customers achieve green cards quickly for the whole family. I do believe that choosing Interimm means your family has found the right companion on the path to immigration.

doi- tac- Interimm - CamLy
Cam Hung
Attorney at Cam Ly Co. Solicitors in Australia

We are proud to cooperate with Interimm to complete documents for customers. Each successful customer is the result of careful preparation, comprehensive solutions, and responsibility of the Interimm team.