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– The Emerald is a new luxury apartment complex, high class with sectional shape.
– Design of The Emerald performs the modern, lifestyle and peace for family.
– The Emerald is comfortable space in rooftop with panoramic views to Puget Bay and Olympic moutain.
– The Emerald is 40 – story residential tower located in middle Seattle city, included:
– Total square: 381.571 ft2 (35.4491 m2)
+ 265 for sale condominium residential units 64 below-grade parking spaces
+ Retail space: 4.530 ft2 (4209 m2)
– Seattle – The city of highest growth in USA
– Ranked in the top of the dynamic and diverse development model areas, Seattle City Center consists of 12 unique urban areas with modern infrastructure.
– Seattle’s transportation network connected quickly and easily as bus, train and rail from the center to Sea-Tac international airport. In addition, Seattle is a city has beautiful views.
– Outdoor leisure activities are one of the strong points to attract tourism and investment.
– The Proximity to Top-Tier Employers in US (Ranked12/231 work market) and the figure guessed increasingly each year. Seattle is the city of Top Corporations as: Microsoft, Amazone, Starbucks, Costco… And it also brings opportunities for good investment.
– Project Development: Daniels Create World (DCW)
– Regional Center: Golden Gate Global (GGG)

– Total Investment: 218.000.000 USD
– Mezzanine Loan: 71.000.000 USD (32%)
– Senior Loan: 65.000.000 USD (30%)
– Developer Equity: 52.000.000 USD (24%)
– EB-5 Prefer Equity: 30.000.000 USD (14%)
– Number of EB-5 Investors: 60
– Total job creation: 1.525 jobs (25 jobs per investor)

– Located at 1613 Second Avenue, Seattle City, Washington State.
– Emerald besides the Seattle center and Denny Regrade/Beltown active streets.
– Easy to go to finance zone from block, seaside of city and retail shops.
– The big cultural attractions from a few steps, NLF and MLB sport companies .
– High class shopping centers, exceptional restaurants.
– Near 3 big projects in city: Golden 1 & Downtown Commons, San Francisco Shipyard & Candlestick (by Lennar Corporation), Brooklyn Basin (by Signature Development Corporation).

  • Daniels Create World (DCW) under the management of Daniels Real Estate Company Limited. This unit won many local and international awards, successfully with many projects, iconic buildings in Seattle such as The Sanctuary, Gridiron Apartment, Starbucks Center, Union Station, Art Museum Frye …

– Construction spending to create jobs has already started in May, 2017 and it has created enough job volumes to ensure green card safety for 60 EB5 investors for 2 years.
– Revenues from the sale of The Emerald project will be $264 millions, higher than the investment of $218 millions (Independent assessment of CBRE), guaranteeing $30 millions payback for EB5 investors in 4 years.
– Operated by the Golden Gate Global – Regional Center in the United States, GGG founded in 2011, by Steven Kay layer and Former Mayor of San Francisco Willie L. Brown Jr., ensuring credibility in EB5 and the legality of the project.
– Located at Seattle city and ideal place – The city of highest growth in USA, finance & IT center of Washington State.
– In the place with fully high quality education systems.
– An attractive destination for ones who love outdoor activity.
– Good location, near Pike Place market – the favourite place in Seattle from 1907, and many famous places like Space Needle Tower, Geekwire, Pioneer Square…
– The Seattle River renovation project creates clean and fresh connection network for both Emerald and public living spaces.
– Seattle’s real estate market is exciting, Seattle housing prices are up 16% between 2017 – 2018 and have the highest average price in the area.
– The project will create 1525 jobs, 2.54 times more than the 600 jobs required by USCIS.
– Attractive EB5 interest rate: 1.75% / year

– Construction commenced in September, 2017
– Project is in progress
– Expected completion of construction in May, 2020
– Expected completion of house sale in 2023

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