89 Mai Thị Lựu, Phường Đa Kao, Quận 1, Tp. Hồ Chí Minh


Rehabilitation of an historical work – the Palatial House was built in 18th Century – in Porto into a 5* hotel includes:

32 decorated and equipped Suites (Studio/1-bed/2 – beds)
Club and Spa
Stylish Restaurant and Shop
Indoor and outdoor swimming pool
Parking area

Real Estate Transaction Tax (IMT) Reimbursable €13,000 per investor
Annual Property Tax (IMI)* Paid by Synallagmatic
Committed Interest: 4% per year
Apply for permanent residency in Portugal after 5 years, naturalisation after 6 years of temporary residence.
After 6 years, 100% return on investment.
Be an owner of Lux Residences Hotel.
Has the right to withdraw investment / sell assets at any time from the second year.

Total Project Cost: 2 Million EUR
Number EB5 Investor: 32, $350.000 EUR/ each
The construction period starts from 01/2017: 12 months
Committed Interest: 4% per year
Profit after 6 years of investment: EUR 83,000

The project is located in the Urban Regeneration area right in the center of the ancient town of Porto, in one of the busiest and most emblematic streets of the area.

Walking distance to Metro and Train Station. 20 minutes from the airport, 1 minute walk to the Convention Center

Close to museums, art galleries, theatres and gardens.

Only 5 minutes walk to the river and 10 minutes to the beach by car or tram.

Enjoy the restoration of historic works policy – recognized as UNESCO World Heritage.
The Portugal 2020 Fund provides financial support during project construction phase.
The second 5* hotel in Porto, Portugal.
Located in the historic center, one of the most emblematic street in Porto.
Invest in hotels in one of the five cities with the highest number of annual visitors in Europe
High occupancy in Porto at 73.5%

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