89 Mai Thị Lựu, Phường Đa Kao, Quận 1, Tp. Hồ Chí Minh


• Graceful luxury apartment is a 3-storey building with 14 apartments located in Bairro da Graca, the highest position among the seven hills of Lisbon city, which preserves the beauty and soul of Lisbon.
• The Bairro da Graca street has been renovated but still has a balance between the classic and the modern.
• Owning a Graceful apartment, investors will enjoy the most comfortable life among the pure atmosphere and ancient of Lisbon.
• Graceful brings a new source of life energy and becomes a desired experience for those who love culture, cuisine and entertainment.
• The design of the Graceful apartments is simple and elegant, the amenities at the apartment show highlight modern and comfortable style.

• Total apartments: 14 units
• Square of an apartment: 30 to 75m2
• Value per investment: 350,000 euros – 450,000 euros, depending on the size of the apartment
• Construction Start on March,2020 and Completion on May,2020

• Located in the famous old town Bairro da Graca of Lisbon capital.
• Lisbon attracts millions of visitors each year, of which about 40% of people come to combine business.
• Close to famous tourist places such as São Jorge Castle, Calouste Gulbenkian Art Museum, Bairro Alto Central District, Belém Tower… and in the area full of hospitals, schools, markets …
• Only 10 minutes driving to Lisbon city center square
• Right on the main road of the city with beautiful sea views.

Livingroup is a strategic partner of Interimm, bringing together quality real estate projects that match with the goals, both to satisfy the business needs and investment immigration in Portugal.
With development and co-development more than 30 real estate projects in various stages, Living Group invest and manage more than 80 million Euros in behalf of high equity investors and international Family Offices, accounting to 50,000m2 construction area.
Our commitment to quality and innovation puts us at the forefront of real estate investing. Since its inception in 2012, Livingroup has advanced its local expertise to develop several projects due to an excellent multidisciplinary team and a network of architects, builders and practitioners and financial partners.

• Graceful is a luxury apartment project with the highest quality in the high-class area of Lisbon city.
• Located in a prime location of Lisbon – the tourist heaven of the world, the historic city has ancient beauty combined with modernity.
• Investors can resell on market price or keep them as permanently owned assets.
• Guaranteed profit of 3% / year from business for rent.
• Competitive investment price, the best rated real estate market in Portugal, from only 180,000 EUR / unit
• Free stay 7 days / year at the time of project investment.
• Receive approval letter quickly in 1-2 months from the SEF.

  • Owning a passport that ranked 3rd in the world and visa-free to more than 166 countries.
  • Permanent ownership of the apartment or resell on market price after 5 years.
  • For rent by the hotel manager and get committed revenue.
  • Take all benefits such as Portuguese citizenship, freedom of movement, study and work.
  • Children can study in public schools for free until age 18.
  • Free stay 7 days / year at the time of project investment.
  • Became European citizenship after 5 years.
  • Enjoy the world’s best public health and insurance.

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